Meet Dave

Dave Bennett
Lic. Ac. MBAcC Bsc Hons (App. Biol) ARCS

I remember clearly my very first acupuncture session 19 years ago.

I sat in the waiting room of Dave’s clinic feeling very nervous if I’m honest.

“What will Dave be like? Will he be a hippie dressed in a Tai Chi outfit?” What will he ask me?”

"Will the acupuncture hurt?

“What if Dave can’t help me? What will I do then?”

I was hurting inside from the deep sadness of my best friend’s death. I was doing everything in my power to keep it all under wraps. I was putting on a brave face, but really I felt terrible.

At that moment a man in a striped shirt and grey trousers came out. Ok so no Tai Chi outfits at least then.

“Hi, you must be Michael.” said Dave with a warm smile.

I felt instantly relaxed. Dave had a very easy and warm manner. I knew straight away I was in good hands.

Dave led me into his office and we both sat down. Over the course of the next hour I was able to tell Dave exactly what was going on for me. I knew he had my absolute best interests at heart, and whatever I told him I could sense that there was absolutely no judgment whatsoever. Just compassion. If you’ve ever sat with someone in this way you’ll know what a truly liberating experience this is. And that was before he even put any needles in.

Dave made his assessment and found that I had a major blockage in my energy. He explained that unless we treated this block, nothing else he did would get through. He did a treatment to clear the block, and straight away I felt a huge release. I walked out of the session like I was floating.

"Wow I didn’t know I would actually feel a physical difference in my body after this!” I remember thinking to myself.

I had weekly treatment with dave for the next 6 weeks and I started to feel a deep sense of peace come into my life, like nothing I had ever experienced. The anguish didn't go away over night, but I started to reconnect with my old self. The one I had forgotten even existed. I realised that by cutting myself off from the painful and difficult emotions I had also cut off the joy in my life.

The natural and simple joy of being alive.

I realised that this disconnected, "never realy happy but never really sad" half life, is no life at all. Yet it's the life we've all been conditioned to settle for.

Since then I’ve had regular acupuncture with Dave for the last 19 years. I wouldn’t go without it. It keeps me sane when life is crazy. (And my life gets just as crazy as anyone's). It keeps me healthy when everyone around me is getting sick. and it keeps me feeling youthful and full of vitality. Someone just last week thought I was 25, (I turn 39 in November). I don’t say this to boast, rather to show the power of this medicine.

So why am I telling you this story? Well, Dave moved out of London 15 years ago to bring up his family away from the hustle and bustle of the big smoke. I travel five hours there and back to see him for treatment. I’ve tried other acupuncturists closer to home but it just doesn’t do the same for me as Dave’s treatment.

So it is with real excitement that I’m able to announce that I’ve managed to convince Dave to come and work in London as part of our team. He’s now working in Harley Street on Fridays. If you work in Central London it is very easy to take some time out of your day to see him. And you can call me biased, but it is well worth it.

He’s not cheap, but as I always say “You get what you pay for". Dave has 20 years experience in Five Element Acupuncture and has also had a career in biomedical research. As The Max Factor advert says “It’s the makeup of makeup artists”. Well Dave is quite literally the acupuncturist of acupuncturists. If you want the best, then he might be what you're looking for.

I must warn you though: He will get booked up. At his other clinic in Brighton, Dave is consistently fully booked. You have to be patient to get an appointment, and book a long way in advance.

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P.S. Liz Langdon, a long time patient of Dave's, says this about how Dave helped her to have a family:

"I first started seeing David about 10 years ago as I had an irregular cycle. I'd had some tests as a teenager the doctor was not able to find anything conclusive but suspected I had polycystic ovaries. I just lived with the fact I would always have an unpredictable cycle. Some years later David was recommended to me and I thought why not give acupuncture a go. After just a few months of appointments my cycle became much more predictable and I felt generally so much better that I've kept up with monthly/six weekly maintenance appointments since. When my husband and I decided the time was right for starting a family it took longer than we wanted to conceive. I found the acupuncture appointments helped with making my cycle more predictable again (as I had been on the pill for a number of years) and also with my stress levels each month that we were unsuccessful. Happily we now have a gorgeous 2 year old boy and I am now expecting our next child. I continued with acupuncture throughout my first pregnancy (and intend to do so this time) and credit it with the fact I had a very straightforward pregnancy and did not suffer from many typical pregnancy symptoms. When my due date approached I even used a tip David had suggested and ended up going into labour on my due date.

David is really easy to talk to about any problems or issue I may have. He is empathetic and has a great sense of humour. I also really appreciate that he has a scientific background and is very much grounded in reality which is not always the case with 'alternative' practitioners."

- Liz Langdon